• @mejh thank you!

  • @jimmitchell finally coming back to this; this IPA is less assertive than the Fruit Force one bundled in the variety pack with it (the other two are Fat Tire and Mountain Time). Kind of “mellow.” That makes sense b/c it’s “only” 7.1% ABV. I liked it but not as much as the Fruit/Juice Forces.

  • @davids I tried repeating this to myself but succumbed anyway haha

  • @spgreenhalgh yup I agree it’s easy not to check. I kinda like that because I can dip in and right back out every now and then, without feeling like I’m pulling a dopamine slot machine like I was when refreshing Twitter to address my FOMO

  • @spgreenhalgh has this exact feeling when I deactivated my Twitter account. I’m mostly down to feed reader + Mastodon and a once-daily scan of Apple News. Any more than that seems overwhelming